Four hospital workers assaulted as patient denied cigarette

A woman who assaulted four hospital workers was upset she wasn't allowed a cigarette.

Khloe Marie Michael, 20, pleaded guilty on December 16 to four counts of common assault and one of causing a disturbance at Rockhampton Hospital.

Police prosecutor Madison Kurtz said Michael was an inpatient at the mental health unit when she carried out the assaults.

She said Michael was taken to the doctor for an interview at 11.10am on May 6, she asked if she could have a cigarette.

Ms Kurtz said when Michael was refused, she yelled "you f--ing b----", stood up and threw a plastic bin at the victim, who used a clipboard to protect herself, causing the bin to fall on her foot.

Michael left the room, slammed the door and headed to her bedroom.

The following morning, Michael assaulted a security guard who had attended the examination room at 8.40am in relation to the patient being aggressive.

Michael threw a plastic bin at the guard and hit the victim's left leg shin.

That same day, Michael approached health staff at 8.26am and asked if she could have a cigarette.

After being refused, Michael became hostile and aggressive, threatening to kill them.

The first nurse restrained Michael due to her threatening behaviour and assaulting another nurse.

Michael had tried to grab a card from the second nurse and in the process assaulted her.

Ms Kurtz said Michael was released from being restrained and assaulted the other nurse again by trying to grab the card.

The two nurses tried to restrain Michael and she became more aggressive and attempted to headbutt and kick the first nurse in his chest and legs.

Ms Kurtz said when Michael was being discharged from Rockhampton Emergency Department on October 29, she couldn't find her house key and she became verbally abusive towards hospital staff, accusing them of stealing her key.

Michael smashed windows.

When police located her, she was obstructing traffic in the middle of Canning St.

Her key was found inside an ambulance van.

Defence lawyer Zoe Craven said Michael was diganosed with a number of conditions.

Michael was ordered to 10-months probation.