A photo from a Facebook page dedicated to Josh Barton and Alex Toohill.
A photo from a Facebook page dedicated to Josh Barton and Alex Toohill. FACEBOOKCOM

Friends support injured teenagers

ALMOST 400 well-wishers have joined a Facebook group wishing pipe bomb victims Alex Toohill and Josh Barton a speedy recovery in hospital.

Josh, 14, and his cousin Alex, 15, were drilling into the bomb when it exploded in a shed at Gatton on Saturday afternoon.

Gatton police senior sergeant Tom Missingham said the boys had packed a long pipe, believed to be trolley handle, with sparklers before realising they had forgotten to place a wick inside the device.

The pair each had one leg on either end of the pipe to hold it still while one of the boys drilled a hole into the pipe before it exploded.

The teenagers suffered severe burns and deep shrapnel wounds.

A 22-centimetre piece of twisted steel pierced Josh’s leg, severing the main artery to his foot.

He will undergo surgery again today in Brisbane in a bid to save his foot from being amputated.

It has been reported that the boys researched instructions to make the bomb on the internet.

Fellow Lockyer District High School students, family, and friends yesterday posted get-well messages on Facebook.

“Not the smartest thing to do, I’m sure they weren’t the first and won’t be the last but I will pray for a speedy recovery and I’m thinking of the families in this tough time. Get well soon,” one woman posted.

LDHS principal Andrew Pierpoint said the school yesterday cancelled its first period of classes.

“We told them what we, as a school, will be doing in the short term, medium term and long term for the boys,” Mr Pierpoint said.

“We set up a trauma room with guidance officers and counsellors to support kids and staff.”

Both boys remain in a stable condition in the Royal Children’s Hospital.

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