Member for Lockyer Jim McDonald with Lockyer constituent Elizabeth Brown.
Member for Lockyer Jim McDonald with Lockyer constituent Elizabeth Brown.

Full postal vote needed for state’s safety, MP says

FOLLOWING health and safety concerns at local government election voting booths earlier this year, MP Jim McDonald is calling for a full postal vote for Lockyer residents at the state election.

The Member for Lockyer has called on the Electoral Commission of Queensland to consider a full postal vote for the region after many constituents voiced health concerns.

Queenslanders will take to the polls on October 31, however a second round of coronavirus cases are concerning residents.

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"During the local government elections earlier this year, my office was approached by many constituents about the health implications of attending a polling booth to lodge their vote," Mr McDonald said.

"In the months since, this fear hasn't gone away."

He said residents wanted a full postal vote option to keep them safe this election.

Mr McDonald wrote to the ECQ commissioner calling for a postal vote, and said if it failed, he had requested an increased number of pre-poll locations.

"During the 2017 election, Lockyer's only pre-polling booth was in Gatton - more than 30km from Lowood or Fernvale," he said.

"As significant population centres within the electorate, it makes sense for there to be a pre-poll booth closer to these towns."

Mr McDonald is yet to receive a response, but was hopeful his suggestions would be taken on board.