Andrew Dodt.
Andrew Dodt. Ebony Graveur

Gatton's Dodt-ing golf dad

FORMER Gatton local and professional golfer Andrew Dodt returned home to the Jubilee Golf Club on the weekend for three days on the green.

The 33-year-old flew in from Newcastle, bringing with him news that he and his wife Ashleigh welcomed a new family member - baby Azalea Rose - to the world in November.

Dodt told The Gatton Star he would be flying to Morocco in the coming fortnight, for a tournament and that the majority of his year would involve playing in his Asian tour.

"I've done eight years back and forth to Europe but felt Asia was a bit closer to home for this year,” Dodt said.

He said the golf course he would be playing on in Morocco was surrounded by native Australian trees.

"Believe it or not, there's gum trees on the golf course so it feels very Aussie,” he said.

The weekend marked the 10th annual Gatton Dodt Golf Weekend, attracting 130 keen golfers on Friday.

"Mum and dad live about 200 metres down the hill and that's where I grew up. I played all my golf here,” he said.

"Newcastle is a great spot but there's no place like home.”

He said he was eager to support the club he grew up in, noting the Jubilee had its battles.

"Gatton Golf Club is a small club and we've had our struggles over the years, whether it be financially or drought conditions,” he said.

"I just like to play a small part in helping the club out and this is the least I can do to bring members and visitors in and celebrate the weekend.”