Keanu Faulks at the Junior Golf Clinic, Laidley Golf Course.
Keanu Faulks at the Junior Golf Clinic, Laidley Golf Course. Ebony Graveur

Golf course draws youngsters during winter holidays

"I CAN make friends here and that makes me happy.”

That was nine-year-old Keanu Faulks' assessment of the Junior Golf Clinic he attended in the middle of school holidays.

Junior golfers gathered on the green for a day of golf and good times today.

Organiser and Keanu's mother Paige Faulks said the day was to give children something to do during the school holidays - and so they could brush up on their golf skills.

Keanu said he loved playing golf because it taught him 'patience and manners'.

He started playing when he was two and managed to hit the ball 'very far' when he was just a toddler.

"I like hitting the ball and seeing it go miles,” Keanu said.

While plenty of children who attended the day were involved in the junior golf program at the Laidley Golf Club, Mrs Faulks said everyone was welcome to attend.

"It is all about having fun, making friends and and that sort of thing,” Mrs Faulks said.

"To be able to offer more time and teach more variety, get out on course and play a few holes is great.”

She said the young golfers learned short game styles, long game styles and how to putt during the day.

Mrs Faulks has been paying golf all her life and, after she got her husband interested in the game, the whole family was hooked.

"Out two boys play golf so we wanted to be able to offer something to not only them but to other kids in the area,” she said.

"I'm really passionate about supporting junior golf; I think it's a great sport and it's something they not only do when they're little but is something they can continue to do throughout their lives.”

A new term for junior golf will get under way on July 24 for eight weeks.

To register or for more information, contact the Laidley Golf Club on 5465 1518.