Top Gear host Jeremy Clarkson
Top Gear host Jeremy Clarkson

Good riddance Jeremy Clarkson: TV doesn't need you

GOOD  riddance, Jeremy Clarkson.

Don't know you, never met you, and I do enjoy the Top Gear show.

But I know people like you, and too often they are not held accountable.

Big name celebs, particularly in television, get cut an amazing amount of slack because of the ratings they bring.

In anyone's language though, berating an admin guy for 30 minutes, then whacking him, just because you couldn't have a steak, is outrageous. You deserved the sack.  Well done BBC for putting people above the bottom line.

Jeremy, you seem like many of the TV types I've worked with - armed with an ego the size of some of the vehicles you drive, and a self awareness you'd expect of a one-year-old.

Asking TV stars to write for the publications I've managed in the past is always fraught. Can they write? Will they stick to deadlines? Will they be awful to manage?

Sometimes it's all of the above.

I've had one big name pee in a pot plant in my office. Another scream down the phone to me, cussing my lineage with every fine word you can imagine, because I rejected 1000 words of self-promotion tosh about a new product he had lent his name to.

He was being paid hundreds of dollars to write on current affairs.

Readers sent me in video once of another big-name clown, drunk and obnoxious, at one of the most serious news events he will ever have covered.

But the temptation is to say: We need him, let's not rock the boat.

I've moved out some of these types, while being frowned at by my bosses.

Jeremy, you got your due. And it's about time.

Of course, you're now likely to get an even bigger pay day from a rival company less robust in its worry for its own reputation.

I imagine it'll be a matter of time before you flame out again.

At least it'll be worth a few clicks on our websites when that happens.

*Bryce Johns is the editorial director of Australian Regional Media. Email: