Lockyer Valley vegetable grower Greg Lerch at his Laidley farm. PHOTO: ALI KUCHEL
Lockyer Valley vegetable grower Greg Lerch at his Laidley farm. PHOTO: ALI KUCHEL

Growers face tough choices with flooded vegie market

VEGETABLE growers are at risk of having to plough winter crops back into the ground due to an oversupply of vegetables in Australia.

With export options cut due to coronavirus, produce has flooded the local markets.

Laidley Heights grower Greg Lerch said the prices farmers were receiving for their produce were not good.

He said supermarkets were putting specials on the vegetables to help clear the shelves, but it just hurt farmers' hip pockets in the long run.

"It's been a beautiful season, but that's another problem, the weather has been so good everywhere else, too," Mr Lerch said.

"I think all the Victorians though the Lockyer was out of water, so they put in extra crops."

Mr Lerch is growing broccoli, cauliflower, beetroot and carrots and said farmers who would usually export their produce have been forced back into the local market.

"If broccoli keeps coming off like it is, you might just have to plough it back into the ground," he said.

See the weekly Brisbane market report below.


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Greg Lerch, of Blenheim, with some of this seasons beetroot. Photo: Ali Kuchel
Greg Lerch, of Blenheim, with some of this seasons beetroot. Photo: Ali Kuchel




Queensland Produce in the Brisbane Market for the week ending Tuesday, June 30.


AVOCADOS: Hass Extra $38-$48[$44.20] SLTray, Hass No1 $36-$45[$40.70] SLTray.

LEMONS: Eureka Extra $24-$30[$27] BulkCP, Eureka No1 $16-$26[$20] BulkCP, Eureka No2 $5-$16[$11] BulkCP.

MANDARINS: Afourer No1 $30-$36[$33] Best $40 1/2CP, Afourer No2 $24-$30[$30] 1/2CP, Avana No1 $20-$24[$22] 1/2CP, Daisy No1 $20-$30[$26] 1/2CP, Hickson No1 $20-$30[$22.60] 1/2CP, Imperial No2 $10-$22[$15.60] Best $24 1/2CP, Nova No1 $20-$24[$22] 1/2CP.

ORANGES: Navel Naveleana Extra $35-$40[$37.50] BulkCP, Navel Naveleana No1 $30-$36[$33] CP, Navel Naveleana No2 $10-$20[$16] CP, Navel Washington No1 $20-$26[$23] CP, Navel Washington No2 $12-$14[$13] CP.


BEANS: Butter $5-$8[$6.83] Kg, Butter Machine P'kd $3-$5[$4] Kg, Flat Continental $8-$8[$8] Kg, Round S'less Hand Picked $4-$7[$5.80] Kg, Round S'less Machine P'kd $2.50-$4[$3] Kg, Round S'less MPHand Packed $3.50-$5[$4.38] Kg, Snake Loose $7-$11[$10.10] Kg.

BEETROOT: $2-$2.80[$2.32] Bunch, Baby $2.40-$3[$3] Bunch, Baby Golden $2-$2[$2] Bunch, Baby Target $2-$2[$2] Bunch.

BROCCOLI: 80c-80c[80c] Kg, No1 $12-$20[$15.40] 8KgIPk, No2 $8-$14[$10] 8KgIPk, Baby Bunched $18-$22[$20] 2.4Kg.

BROCCOLINI: $20-$22[$20] 2.4Kg.

CABBAGES: Ballhead Medium Large $1-$2[$1.49] Each, Ballhead Small Medium 80c-$1.20[92c] Each, Gourmet Tuscan Sleeves $2-$2.40[$2.20] 200g, Red $8-$16[$11.20] Carton, Sugarloaf $14-$24[$18] Carton.

CARROTS: Pre-pack $16-$20[$20] Bag, Pre-pack $16-$20[$20] Carton, No1 Large $16-$20[$20] Bag, No1 Medium $16-$20[$20] Bag, Dutch $1-$2[$1.80] Bunch, Dutch Rainbow $2.40-$2.40[$2.40] Bunch, Golf Ball $2.40-$3[$2.60] Bunch.

CAULIFLOWERS: No1 $16-$26[$18.80] Carton, No2 $10-$16[$11.60] Carton.

CHINESE CABBAGES: Wombok $14-$20[$19.60] 16KgCtn.

CHINESE VEG.: Bukchoy $1-$1.40[$1.20] Bunch, Choisum $1.20-$2[$1.60] Bunch, Kailan $1.40-$2[$1.80] Bunch, Pakchoy 90c-$1.40[$1.12] Bunch.

EGG PLANT: Thai Apple $24-$30[$29.20] 6KgCtn, Apple $3-$3[$3] Kg, Continental $18-$20[$19.20] 6KgCtn, Purple $24-$32[$24.60] 8KgCtn, Purple $1-$1.50[$1.14] Kg, Purple Glasshouse $32-$36[$35.20] 6KgCtn, Purple Glasshouse $30-$55[$45.25] 7KgTray.

KALE: Green $1.20-$2[$1.60] 250g, Green $18-$20[$20] Carton, Green Sleeves $1.80-$2.40[$2.24] 250g, Green Sleeves $20-$30[$25] Carton, Red $25-$30[$30] Carton.

LETTUCE: Baby Cos $10-$12[$10.40] Carton, Baby Cos Sleeves $16-$24[$20] Carton, Baby Cos Sweet Gems Pre-pack $16-$22[$18] Carton, Cos $16-$24[$19.60] Carton, Headed $26-$30[$30] Carton, Open Varieties Green Coral $10-$12[$11.60] Carton, Open Varieties Green Oak $8-$14[$12] Carton, Open Varieties Red Coral $10-$12[$11.60] Carton, Open Varieties Red Oak $6-$12[$10.40] Carton, Radicchio Hearts $20-$24[$24] Tray, Radicchio Hearts Treviso $20-$20[$20] Tray.

MUSHROOMS: Buttons $7.50-$9[$8.50] Kg, Cups $6-$7.50[$7.05] Kg, Flats $8.50-$10[$9.25] Kg.

PARSLEY: Continental $1-$1.60[$1.50] Bunch, English $1-$1.50[$1.20] Bunch, English Large Bunch $2-$2[$2] Bunch, English Medium Bunch $1-$1.60[$1.20] Bunch.

PARSNIPS: $55-$80[$75] 10KgCtn, $30-$40[$35] 18KgBag.

SHALLOTS: Eschallots 80c-$1.20[$1] Bunch.

SILVERBEET: Full-cut $2-$3[$2.78] Bunch.

SPRING ONIONS: White $2.50-$3[$2.75] Bunch.

SQUASH: Gold $10-$30[$16.67] 18LCtn, Gold No1 Ruffled $35-$45[$41] 9LCtn, Gold No1 Medium Large $20-$30[$21.67] 9LCtn, Gold No1 Small Medium $30-$45[$35.50] 9LCtn.

SWEET CORN: Baby $3.75-$3.75[$3.75] 125g, Pre-pack $20-$36[$26.40] 18LCtn.

TOMATOES: Cherry Red 60c-$1.20[96c] Best $1.40 250gLP, Egg No1 Medium $22-$36[$30] 10KgCtn, Egg No1 Medium Large $24-$40[$33.20] 10KgCtn, Egg No1 Small $20-$30[$25] 10KgCtn, Egg No1 Small Medium $20-$30[$26.50] 10KgCtn, Egg No2 $20-$20[$20] 10KgCtn, Field Gourmet Cocktail $10-$10[$10] 10KgCtn, Field Gourmet No1 Medium $20-$28[$23.80] 10KgCtn, Field Gourmet No1 Medium Large $24-$30[$25.80] 10KgCtn, Field Gourmet No1 Small $14-$20[$18.60] 10KgCtn, Field Gourmet No1 Small Medium $18-$26[$21.40] 10KgCtn, Field Gourmet No2 $8-$20[$15.20] 10KgCtn.

TURNIPS: Baby White $2-$3[$2.60] Bunch, Purple Top $18-$20[$19] 10KgBag.

ZUCCHINIS: Green $1.60-$1.80[$1.70] Kg, Green Extra $26-$36[$31.80] 10KgCtn, Green No1 Large 201-250 $8-$14[$10.60] 10KgCtn, Green No1 Medium 140-200 $16-$30[$21.60] 10KgCtn, Green No1 Medium Large $12-$24[$15.80] 10KgCtn, Green No1 Small <140mm $16-$30[$23.40] 10KgCtn, Green No1 Small Medium $16-$30[$23.40] 10KgCtn, Green No2 $2-$16[$12.20] 10KgCtn, Lebanese $40-$50[$42.50] 10KgCtn.


POTATOES: Gourmet Dutch Cream Brushed $26-$30[$30] 15KgCtn, Gourmet Kipfler Brushed $3-$3.80[$3.40] Kg, Gourmet Kipfler Washed $4-$4.80[$4.50] Kg.

PUMPKINS: Blue Qld. Blue $1-$1.60[$1.38] Kg, Butternut $28-$36[$30.60] 20KgCtn, Butternut New Season 80c-$1.40[$1.12] Kg, Grey Jarradale 40c-70c[50c] Kg, Grey Sampson 40c-70c[50c] Kg, Jap New Season 30c-70c[49c] Kg


Queensland Produce in the Brisbane Market. Information supplied by Market Information Services