Hard to see who will benefit from this change



What is "cancel culture"?

Is it a third millennium progression from "political correctness", out of control and taking over from commonsense?

Whose best interests is it serving?

Now it is our food which is being targeted.

Is nothing sacred?

What's in a name?

So, are colours next?

Statues broken down; history books soon to be rewritten; historical debts to be paid; language morphing into something not in our history or Oxford dictionaries?

Dr Martin Luther King Junior said "History will have to realise that the greatest tragedy of this period of social transition was not the strident clamour of bad people; the appalling silence of the good people".

But today, the good people are the good people affected by global instability; wondering who exactly are the instigators of all this.

What have the loudmouthed protesters to gain?

Are they just creating anarchy for the sake of it?

Have they some entitlement to change what we do or have, or reinvent what is sacred?

Do they have a hidden agenda or ulterior motives?

Defiantly breaking our laws and putting others at risk is now OK?

Why are our governments dancing to the tune they play?

The minorities have risen up to destroy what has been; to make a society where the Establishment is now under new management.

Yet they rely on the old welfare systems.

Law-abiding citizens are obeying the law; trying not to offend anyone; walking on egg shells; keeping their distance and comments to themselves. This is becoming an organisational nightmare for business; for governments; for individuals confused, not knowing how the accommodating policies will change the status quo.

"We are not makers of history; we are made by history," (Martin Luther King Junior)

E ROWE, Marcoola


Grocery warehouses

We have the government battling to get people back into employment on top of trying to ensure we all have sufficient finances to pay our bills and put food on the table.

Not helping the employment situation we now have supermarkets introducing

pay and pick, which means no need for anyone on the check-outs or even the self-checkout registers. That's alongside home deliveries.

It looks like our supermarkets are fast becoming warehouses.

ERNEST WRIGHT, Sunrise Beach


Eat plant 'meat'

Australia is very much dependent on a significant animal farming and grazing industry. Millions of dollars are spent on the health of the animals to prevent a wide spectrum of diseases and complaints.

Besides viruses such as Ross River and Burmah Forest that affect humans, there is also Murray Valley encephalitis endemic to the Kimberley, cattle ticks, melioidosis pneumonia, scrub ticks, and a range of other complaints like ringworm and rabies that affect the health of stock such as sheep and cattle, camels and horses.

All animals including poultry are subject to the incursion of feed and pasture diseases and pests and their outbreaks.

On top of this is the change in weather patterns brought on by global warming and related geophysical changes to pastures and landscapes.

COVID-19 has brought home the reality that animal caused viruses can easily jump to humans.

It is humans who freely propagate and reproduce animal life for food purposes.

One obvious question to this predicament is "Why don't we stop farming animals for food because they are causing viral creations"?

By removing animals from the food chain we are making a safer and sustainable food supply. We could still eat "meat" but it will be "meat" made from plants and other cultivated means. Many food stores are already providing food made from plant "meat".

This is one answer to preventing further pandemics in future.

Many people already object to the mass animal meat production and their often barbaric methods.

If you think about it, the wide open places of Australia would get its raw character back without the littering of domestic stock animals.