Teams from the Lockyer District State High School took on the Redbacks in a series of futsal games.
Teams from the Lockyer District State High School took on the Redbacks in a series of futsal games.

High school students hold their own against in-form Redbacks

IT WAS a battle of the ages as teams of students from Lockyer District State High School took on the Gatton Redbacks in a series of intense futsal match-ups.

The David versus Goliath games took place at the school, with the school’s junior and senior teams both eager for rematches after facing the Redbacks earlier in the year.

The LDSHS girls team took on the Redback ladies, being defeated with a final score of 3–10.

The junior team also lost in a 2–6 result, but Redbacks captain Jackson Bell said the scores were only half of the story.

“The score doesn’t always show how tough the game really was,” he said.

“In the junior game, I think we were only one goal up with 10 to go, and we stacked it on at the end.”

This is a marked improvement on the score in the first game the juniors played against the Redbacks in September, where they lost 3–nil.

“The young fellas just lost their legs at the end. Those guys did very, very well,” Mr Bell said.

The practised Redbacks sides had better endurance and conditioning overall, being more accustomed to playing through a long game.

The bout between the seniors and the Redbacks was much more closely fought, with a score of 3–3 at full-time.

“It was a really strong LDSHS side, even stronger than the one we played earlier. Our guys are more outdoor players, not used to playing inside, so the students had a bit of an advantage there,” Mr Bell said.

“They had us beat until the last few seconds, when we scored the equaliser. We just held out, and kept on pushing until the final whistle.”

Ultimately, the seniors team won on penalties, adding to their narrow 5–4 victory in the September match.

The games have proven popular with those involved, and Mr Bell said there were plans to establish a formal program in the future.

“The Redbacks are going to try to work with the sports department over at the school to get a long-term program in place, possibly for the next three years,” he said.

“It’ll be designed specifically around the school tournaments. The futsal for us is just a bonus, since it happens during our off-season.”