HOME STRETCH: Coalition, ALP neck-and-neck two weeks out

THE major political parties remain tied in the polls, but both Labor and the Coalition have edged up one point in their primary votes, as the campaign heads into the final two weeks.

A Newspoll, published in The Australian on Monday and completed over the weekend, showed both parties were still 50-50 on the two-party preferred measure.

But it also showed both parties gained added one percent each to their primary votes, to 41% for the Coalition and 36% for Labor, since the previous poll a fortnight ago.

That primary vote does not secure either party a majority in the lower House though, with independents and minor parties polling at 13%, down from 15% two weeks ago, on the primary vote.

The Greens have maintained a 10% primary vote, the Palmer United Party's support has evaporated to zero and Senator Nick Xenophon's Team is polling at 3% nationally and 29% in his home state of South Australia.

It follows the online leader's debate last Friday, which Labor's Bill Shorten was widely seen to have won, despite many Opposition Leaders over many years winning debates but failing to the actual election.