Gladys Liu fired up at her campaign launch.
Gladys Liu fired up at her campaign launch.

Homophobia scandal grips Liberal candidate

Yesterday she was celebrating her campaign launch with the Prime Minister of Australia by her side but just hours later Gladys Liu had gone to ground over comments about the LGBTI community.

The Liberal candidate for Chisholm was brimming with confidence, energy and enthusiasm when she addressed supporters at Box Hill Golf Club on Monday, proclaiming "I love Chrisholm" with endearing sincerity.

The PM described her as a 'force of nature' and gave her a ringing endorsement, praising her using his favourite phrase
"How good is Gladys Liu?".

But the hype quickly disappeared after comments she made in 2016 about the LGBTI community emerged.

Audio of an interview she gave to The Guardian about the Safe Schools policy and same-sex marriage, was provided to ABC and revealed her views that a lot of Chinese-Australians opposed the policies.

"Chinese believe same-sex is against normal practice," she said.

"Chinese people come to Australia because they want … good things for their next generation, not to be destroyed - they used the word destroyed - by these sort of concepts, of same-sex, transgender and inter-gender, cross gender, and all of this rubbish," she said. "To them they are just ridiculous rubbish."

Since the audio emerged Ms Liu has refused all interview requests, pulling out of a scheduled appearance with SkyNews when it would not agree to restrict questions on the controversy.

Ms Liu also told yesterday she would also be happy to be interviewed but her mobile now goes straight to voice mail and text messages have received no response.

According to The Guardian she released a statement today rejecting that the comments reflected her own views.

"I reject any suggestion the comments reported in 2016 were my own views," Ms Liu said.

"At the time I was responding to a question about comments I had received from some members of the Chinese community.

"I firmly support equality across our community."