ON THE BEAT: Sgt Deniel Beasy is back at work after surviving a serious motorcycle accident while he was on duty.
ON THE BEAT: Sgt Deniel Beasy is back at work after surviving a serious motorcycle accident while he was on duty. Chris Ison ROK080916cpolice3

HORRIFIC CRASH: 'I thought that was the end of my life'

WHEN Sergeant Deniel Beasy saw the headlights coming towards his motorbike, he thought his life was over.

He woke on the bitumen as paramedics treated him, having lost two thirds of his blood supply and suffering horrific leg injuries.

The Rockhampton-based officer had been working on a joint operation with crews in Mackay and Townsville when he was hit by a four-wheel drive as he rode home.

"It was quite horrifying for me," Sgt Beasy said.

"I pretty much gave up when I saw the headlights, I thought that was the end of my life."

But with "outstanding care" from paramedics, CareFlight crews and the surgical team at Mackay Hospital, Sgt Beasy's life and leg were saved.

"I'll be eternally grateful they put my leg back together," he said.

It's a process Sgt Beasy compared to putting together a jigsaw puzzle, as medical crews worked to fix his "extensively damaged" right leg.

Sgt Beasy had suffered a broken femur, knee cap and tibia, as well as completely shattering his knee.

Putting the pieces back together proved to only be the start of the journey for Sgt Beasy, who faced months of rehabilitation to return to work on light desk duties.

Although he has now returned to full-time operational policing, Sgt Beasy said he struggled with the thought that may not be a reality again after the crash.

Watching family serve with Queensland Police, Sgt Beasy said his lifelong dream had been to join them on the beat.

After years of tireless work to secure a spot on a specialist section as a junior officer, Sgt Beasy said the thought of losing his beloved career was "quite nerve-wracking and extremely upsetting".

Determined to return to full duties, Sgt Beasy went through months of physio and gradually moved from part time administrative work to an operational role.

"I was quite concerned I would be stuck in an administrative position," he said.

"I'm very operational based, I enjoy my reactive role in the community and I just wanted to get back to those full-time duties.

"The non-operational positions aren't readily available within the Rockhampton area which could have potentially meant I had to move back to Brisbane and possibly even find other employment.

"I've done this role since I was 19 years old so that could have been difficult."

During this time, Sgt Beasy said the support of his officer in charge was something he would be "eternally grateful for".

After returning to full duties in April, Sgt Beasy was also nominated for a Safe Work and Return to Work award, recognising the effort he put in to recover from the horrific crash.

Although Sgt Beasy said he was humbled by the nomination, he said it was his own desire which had driven him to get back on the job.

"To be nominated for the award was extremely humbling," he said.

"It was a return for me and for my family."