Simplicity Market Fresh Flowers has been flooded with Valentines Day orders
Simplicity Market Fresh Flowers has been flooded with Valentines Day orders Jann Houley

Horticulture section to continue despite water shortages

A LACK of water has made growing conditions for the horticulture section difficult this year, however chief steward Sue Landsberg is optimistic there will be quality over quantity.

"Horticulture relies on the weather and, as you know it's been terribly dry,” she said.

"Last year was a bit the same but this year has been terribly worse.”

The horticulture section welcomes exhibits from roses to gerberas and ferns through to floral art and animals made from fruit and vegetables.

Each year the horticulture section puts on a themed display. Last year it was the Teddy Bear's Picnic and this year Mrs Landsberg said it would be an Old McDonald's Farm theme.

"We did notice last year there was a lot more children coming through the pavilion and I thought that was great,” she said.

"If they come again thisyear, they expect to seea display.”

In years of good rain, Mrs Landsberg said the pavilion would be full of exhibits.

Despite the hot, dry conditions, she was hopeful for some quality entries.

"If you're a gardener, youcould use bathwater,” she said.

"You just have to conserve every litre. Usually plants don't mind as much, as long as they get a drink.”

In addition to the array of home-grown plants, Mrs Landsberg said there would also be picture displays on the wall for show-goers.

This year the horticulture pavilion will be closed on Friday for judging but will open to the public on Saturday and Sunday for viewing.