James Wearne's drunken rampage at Hotel Maroochydore had staff hide in fear.
James Wearne's drunken rampage at Hotel Maroochydore had staff hide in fear.

Hotel staff hide from nurse on a rampage

STAFF at a tavern had locked themselves in the gaming room when the man they were hiding from smashed through the glass door.

James Wearne, 42, had been drinking and gaming at Hotel Maroochydore with his girlfriend on January 14 when he lost his temper.

Police prosecutor Rebecca Lambert said Wearne threw his empty schooner glass on the floor before a staff member warned him about his behaviour.

Wearne began to leave the hotel before he turned around and made his way back towards staff.

"Staff were concerned for their welfare so they locked themselves in the gaming room," Senior Constable Lambert said.

"Within seconds of the door being closed they heard a loud bang and saw the bottom of the glass door crack.

"They've heard a second bang and saw the toe of a shoe protruding through a hole in the bottom of the same door."

The staff recorded the number plate of the vehicle Wearne eventually left the hotel in and a report was made to police.

At Caloundra Magistrates Court today Wearne pleaded guilty to being drunk or disorderly in a licensed premises and wilful damage.

He told Magistrate Matthew McLaughlin that he hadn't meant to throw the schooner glass.

"I thought I placed the empty drink glass on the side bench but the glass fell on the ground," he said.

"I thought about picking up the glass as it did not break but staff approached me in a brisk manner so I turned to walk out.

"Then instantly staff members started calling me names."

Wearne said he couldn't remember the moment he smashed the glass door of the gaming room.

He said he regretted his actions and asked that a conviction not be recorded as it could affect his career as an assistant in nursing.

Wearne was fined $600 and ordered to pay $1061 in restitution to the hotel.

The conviction was not recorded.