How ‘bikie hunter’ set upon feared ex-Bandido in jail


AN EX-LONE Wolf bikie once dubbed a "Rebels Hunter" has been jailed for bashing infamous former Bandidos boss Jacques Teamo while the pair were behind bars.

Benjamin Skey Black, 39, was on Monday sentenced in the Brisbane Supreme Court after pleading guilty to a raft of offences including possession of 5g of cocaine, assault occasioning bodily harm in company and common assault.

The court heard in July 2017, Black was involved in a traffic accident where good Samaritan stopped to ask if he needed help.

Instead of thanking the man, Black told him to "f--- off" and slapped him in the back of the head, the court heard.

Black was also sentenced for a February 2018 assault of a man in a Broadbeach unit where he and another person zip tied the man and gagged him with duct tape, while threatening him with an axe handle.

Lone Wolf bikie logo.
Lone Wolf bikie logo.

He also cut off the man's hair and told him: "This is the last time you try to steal from us c---" before ordering the victim to "pick a leg" to be injured.

Black then stabbed the man in the back with a knife but later returned to the property and took him to hospital, the court was told.

Nine days later while behind bars, Black was involved in a "planned" bashing of Jacques Teamo inside Arthur Gorrie Correctional Centre by multiple men.

Teamo was hospitalised following the 44-second bashing after being hit with a stationary bicycle seat, a ping pong bat and toaster, the court on Monday heard.

Teamo was the ringleader of the infamous Gold Coast bikie brawl that erupted in a Broadbeach restaurant in September 2013 in an effort to hunt down Teamo's rival Jason Trouchet.

The court heard Teamo had refused to provide a statement to police or prosecutors but had indicated he now suffers "nightmares".

Years earlier, Black was referred to in separate court proceedings as a "Rebels Hunter" after being found with photos of two Rebels bikies despised by his former gang and a number of weapons.

During today's sentencing hearing, Black told Justice Soraya Ryan from the dock the bashing of Teamo got out of hand.

Former Bandido bikie gang member Jacques Teamo outside a Brisbane court in 2015. File picture
Former Bandido bikie gang member Jacques Teamo outside a Brisbane court in 2015. File picture

"As soon as there was a weapon produced, I was out of there. It wasn't meant to go that way," he said.

The court heard Black had a troubled childhood, where his father had treated him "appallingly".

Justice Ryan told the court the man had been given alcohol from the age of four and began using drugs at age 12.

She said his father had exposed him to serious violence and he was now "numb" to it and believed it was the only way to solve his problems.

Justice Ryan said while this upbringing reduced the man's moral culpability, it did not mean he should receive a lesser sentence.

"When I read about what you went through as a child and teenager I feel real compassion for you … but I'm not doing my job if I focus on my compassion above punishing you for what you've done," she told Black.

Black was handed a head sentence of six-and-a-half years behind bars - this includes an almost three year sentence for bashing Teamo with several other men.

Black has already served 40 per cent of the sentence on remand and is now eligible to apply for parole.

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