Member for Lockyer Jim McDonald.
Member for Lockyer Jim McDonald.

How taking a snap of your takeaway can win you a free meal

IN A bid to bring customers back to local businesses, MP Jim McDonald has launched a new weekly competition to reward those who buy local.

The #takeaphotowithyourtakeaway campaign is encouraging people to take a snap with their locally-sourced snacks and share it on the Jim McDonald MP Facebook Page for a chance to win a $50 voucher.

“There’s a lot of people who are very scared – and rightfully so – about the virus. But as the Prime Minister said, if a business is open, then it’s okay to visit that business,” Mr McDonald said.

“We want to make sure that the community gets the right message of social distancing and hygiene, but also supporting our local businesses, and what better way to do that than to ask people to join in and enter a competition with a chance to win?”

Winners will be chosen from Facebook comments using a randomiser every Monday, with the competition set to continue for as long as the emergency persists.

The only condition is that entrants be Lockyer Valley residents, and buy from a Lockyer Valley business.

“What we’ll do is we’ll actually pay that $50 to the business where they bought their takeaway from, and it can be like a credit for them for when they go back there,” Mr McDonald said.

“We certainly know it’s a serious situation, but we want to make sure that people can get back to normal as quickly as possible, and one of the best ways to get back to normal is to maintain as many normal things as we can during the pandemic.”

Though he wants to encourage people to keep local businesses afloat, Mr McDonald also asked people to stay safe and support one another during the pandemic.

“We don’t want every 80-year-old going out,” he said.

“If they can get neighbours and family who might not be in the at-risk category to get takeaway for them, we’d encourage that as well.”

Mr McDonald said along with his team, they had discussed other ideas to be implemented to engage with the community.

“We’re very sensitive to the changing community expectations and what is actually happening with the restriction. Whatever we do, we want to make sure we’re 100% compliant, yet still helping the community,” he said.

“Some of the things we’re thinking about, we can’t do yet, and others we can’t do anymore. If people have got any other ideas about how we can bring some normality to this situation, we’d be happy to listen.”

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