A political mummy blogger and a tradie who says he's "over this politically correct nonsense" are the Coalition for Marriage's latest mouthpieces in the No to same-sex marriage campaign.

The Yes campaign says ads featuring both are yet another "red herring".

Builder Steve Peterson, 54, has been seen on TV screens in recent days in the No campaign's latest scripted commercial.

In it, he says: "I dunno about this same-sex marriage ... even our Prime Minister says there'll be consequences."

He adds that he's "over this politically correct nonsense", being "sick of being told what to think by the thought police", and ventures "what's next? Boycott my business? I'm gonna have my say all right. I'm gonna say no".

Petersen told the Daily Mail he "just read (the ad) off a script" but believes in the No vote.

His own Facebook page refers to the debate with a post reading: "Arguing with a Yes voter is like playing chess with a pigeon. It doesn't matter how good your game is, your opponent will s*** all over the board and strut about as though they won."


The part-time musician also lamented he can't use the word "gay" to mean "carefree and nonchalant and generally a cheerful person" any more; and that he has a rainbow-coloured guitar strap that he "can't use any more" ... "somebody asked me the other day if I was gay".

"It (the rainbow) used to mean running in the backyard under the sprinkler now it means you support the gay cause," he said.

Meanwhile, mummy blogger, self-described "warrior mum" and fierce Safe Schools program opponent Marijke Rancie fronts another ad warning parents to vote "no" to same-sex marriage, claiming a change in marriage law will lead to "radical" LGBTIQ sex and gender programs being taught in schools.

"Once you write gender theory into the law, of course if comes into the classroom because when

laws change, things happen and in the case of a change in marriage law, gender theory becomes

mainstreamed," she said.

Rancie also appeared in a bizarre Coalition for Marriage video on the group's website last week which featured No campaign mums being given a rock star welcome as they arrive on stage to presumably state their case against marriage equality.

The 90 second-clip features just a handful of sentences such as "our kids are not your social experiment" in the 30 seconds of dialogue.


The Yes campaign has labelled the Coalition for Marriage "deceitful" for the continuing to focus on anything but marriage equality as the poll continues.

"Australians know that the survey is simply about changing the law to allow same-sex couples to marry," said Equality Campaign executive director Tiernan Brady.

"Not once have they (the Coalition for Marriage) talked about marriage equality, just red herrings, and that is because they know Australians get marriage equality and that Australians are for it.

"They are for everyone just being able to get on with their lives while enjoying the same dignity and respect as everyone else.

"Pretending this is about anything else is deceitful. Australians know how important fairness and equality is and can see through the "no" side's negative and divisive campaign."

More than 10 million Australians - or 62 per cent of Australians eligible - have returned their votes on same-sex marriage.

The $122 million postal survey closes on November 7, with the Australian Bureau of Statistics to release results on November 15.

Current polls suggest the Yes vote is on track to win the survey.