NOT OKAY: Furniture illegally dumped on Woodlands Road.
NOT OKAY: Furniture illegally dumped on Woodlands Road.

'I thought they lost their load': Roadside dumping outrage

A SCENIC rural road has become the site of the latest bout of illegal dumping in the Lockyer Valley region.

The act of lazy littering was photographed by Rob Kemp along Woodlands Road at Gatton, with items dumped on both sides of the road.

"At first I thought someone had lost their load or something," Mr Kemp said.

"But then I saw it on the other side as well. I reckon someone dumped it, did a U-ey, and threw out the rest on the other side."

The dumped items includ mattresses, couches, chairs, tables, and other furniture, most of it still intact.

"It was just disappointing to see," Mr Kemp said.

Fortunately, in the days since the items were dumped, they have since been removed by council.

The St Vincent de Paul Society in Gatton has also had to contend with ongoing illegal dumping.

"I think people are frightened they'll get charged if they go out to the tip," local Vinnies President Joan Reimann said.

"I don't think they realise that some of the waste they take out, they don't always get charged for."

In the Lockyer Valley, the prices for domestic dumping range from $7 to $20, depending on the size of the load and volume of refuse.

Similarly, in the Somerset the domestic prices go from $7 to $26.

In contrast, the fines for illegal dumping start at $220, depending on the amount of rubbish and whether the person responsible complies, and can increase to as much as $220,000 in severe cases that are contested in court.