IN COURT: Laidley teens graffiti park, political signs

TWO Laidley teenagers pleaded guilty in the Gatton Magistrates Court on Monday, after they vandalised a park and political signs in the Lockyer Valley.

Allison Spiteri and Kimberley Wilson, both from Laidley, were charged with wilful damage by graffiti on October, 22.

Police prosecutor senior Sergeant Al Windsor said police were called to a playground in Plainland after neighbours reported hearing spray cans being shaken and sprayed.

Police arrived at the scene at 8.45pm that evening and located the teens, both aged 18, in a vehicle.

Police questioned the two women in relation to the reports and conducted a search of the playground, finding tags sprayed across a wall.

Sergeant Windsor said police found used spray cans under the seat of the teens’ vehicle, which were seized.

Spiteri and Wilson told police they had found political signs of local MP Jim McDonald relating to the then upcoming state election that they defaced.

The two young vandals were represented in court by Duty Lawyer James Ryan who said the teens were both casual workers in a local bakery in Laidley and earned about $400 a week.

Mr Ryan said Spiteri did not actually do any of the spraying, but was present when it occurred.

Mr Ryan said Wilson was responsible for defacing the political signs.

Both teens were in the company of another person who was responsible for vandalising the retaining wall in the park but did not name them.

Magistrate Graham Lee sentenced Spiteri to a $300 good behaviour bond for 12 months.

Mr Lee sentenced Wilson to a $400 good behaviour bond for 12 months.