BARKING MAD: Incessant barking dogs and killer cats are plaguing at Lockyer Valley neighbourhood.
BARKING MAD: Incessant barking dogs and killer cats are plaguing at Lockyer Valley neighbourhood.

Incessant dogs, killer cats terrorise Lockyer neighbourhood

HATTON VALE is being plagued by killer cats and incessant barking dogs, according to one resident who says it’s time for owners to take control.

George Keegan, who has lived in the area for almost four years, said the problems with animals in the neighbourhood had been ongoing from the moment he arrived.

“There’s plenty of people in the area that complain about it, but I don’t think there’s anybody that actually does anything about it,” Mr Keegan said.

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The retiree says many of the dogs in the neighbourhood were working animals and believed the blame for their “incessant uncontrolled” barking laid squarely with their owners.

“The one across the road from me is absolutely nuts, he’s got a track worn with (a) banked corner along the front fence,” he said.

“(The owners) need to take more responsibility, exercise and walk the dog … and play with it to try and wear it down a bit.”

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Posted by Lockyer Valley Regional Council on Saturday, 13 April 2019

And it’s not just the neighbourhood dogs causing issues, with “marauding cats” also leaving a trail of carnage behind them.

He called for cat owners to keep their pets inside to help end the slaughter.

“I am sick of picking up native bird carcasses and cat droppings in my yard,” he said.

“If you own a cat take responsibility and protect our wildlife from their marauding killing habits.

“It’s not nice seeing dead native birds and animals left lying around after your cats have had their fun.”

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While he had reported his concerns to council, he said at the end of the day it came down to pet owners take responsibility of their animals.

Anyone with concerns about animal behaviour can contact the Lockyer Valley Regional Council on 1300 005 872.