File image of Target.
File image of Target.

Incoming Kmart welcomed by local businesses

BUSINESS owners have welcomed the prospect of Kmart replacing a local Target, citing the need for variety in town to ensure people continue to shop local.

More than seventy Target stores will be closing down over the next twelve months, with some - including the Target Country in Gatton - finding a new lease on life as Kmart branches.

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Lockyer Chamber of Commerce and Industry President Paul Emmerson said the change would likely be contentious depending on people's preferred brands.

"They do offer different things, and some people will prefer one over the other," he said.

"It's not my domain, that category of shopping, so I won't speak to the quality."

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He said what was more important than the brand was that the store would remain open, allowing locals to find both work and products.

"I'm grateful we'll still be getting something, and not losing out completely," he said.

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These sentiments were echoed by Hullabaloo Bazaar owner Annette Clutterbuck.

"From my point of view, it'll hopefully provide a bit more variety, and keep people in town," she said.

"We already have some people going out to Ipswich or Toowoomba, to the big shopping centres, because there isn't enough for them here."

She said she wasn't worried by the prospect of competing with Kmart, and that having more variety in town would benefit all businesses.

"I'm not concerned about competition. If you don't have variety in your business community, people won't shop local," she said.

"We all have our different target markets. My style's unique compared to what Kmart have on offer, and it's the same with Miss Tiff."

She encouraged residents to continue shopping local, regardless of what changes came in future.

"The more than people shop in their local area, the more we can offer them," she said.

More information about the Target closure can be found on the Target website.