Wet Weather Melbourne
Wet Weather Melbourne

INCOMING: Severe storms, up to 30mm forecast for Lockyer

Monday night's electrifying light show in the skies above the Lockyer Valley have been labelled as a taste of what's to come on Tuesday, with severe thunderstorms forecast for the region and this time, downpours.

Some towns across the region are forecast to receive up to 30mm, but others will miss out, according to the Bureau of Meteorology.

Meteorologist James Thompson spoke to the Gatton Star this morning and said the high levels of humidity and hot weather have created optimal storm conditions.

"We're forecasting a pretty good chance of seeing a shower or storm across the Lockyer - most likely in the late afternoon and into the evening," Mr Thompson said.

The Lockyer Valley region today is forecast for a 90 per cent chance of rain, with a 50 per cent chance of a storm.

He said the humidity would "hang around" for a few days.

"It's hanging around into tomorrow and will more likely produce a shower and the chance of a storm as well but easing on Thursday as we start to see the cooler air move through."

Mr Thompson hasn't written off more tropical lows and tropical cyclones forming, with two months remaining in cyclone season.

He said the Madden-Julian Oscillation - a major fluctuation in tropical weather on weekly to monthly timescales - had been situated towards Fiji and producing plenty of tropical conditions.

"There's still a chance we could see more tropical lows through the end of February but more likely in March and April as we remain in tropical cyclone season," Mr Thompson said.

Forecasting tropical lows is challenging outside a three-to-five-day period because they are so "finicky".

But Mr Thompson said looking at the long-term drivers, the MJO was likely to come back to the Australian region in March, which could produce more tropical cyclones.