Students are being given free baby poultry in a
Students are being given free baby poultry in a "chickenisation campaign" that seeks to lure children away from their smartphones. Rebecca Popenko

Children offered free baby poultry for giving up gadgets

An Indonesian city wants to lure children away from smartphones by handing out free chicks to school pupils to keep them busy.

The mayor of Bandung, the capital of West Java province, kicked off the so-called chickenisation campaign on Thursday by distributing 2000 baby chickens to students at several elementary and junior high schools, the Kompas daily reported.

The birds were kept in cages with signs that said: "Take good care of me."

"This chickenisation is not only aimed at diverting children's attention from gadgets but also to nurture them to love animals and take responsibility," Oded said.

"They will feed the chickens before going to school and after coming home from school. They will learn discipline."

A 2019 survey by internet security company ESET found the average Indonesians spend three hours daily on the internet and about 10 per cent of those surveyed spend 10 hours on the web.