The Inland Rail will be a game-changer for the freight industry.
The Inland Rail will be a game-changer for the freight industry.

INLAND RAIL: How flooding, crossings will impact local towns

THE multi-billion dollar Inland Rail project is anticipated to result in the construction of a new level crossing in Forest Hill.

The new level crossing will replace the existing one, which Inland Rail staff deemed to be unsafe to traffic.

Project Manager Chris Mathews told the Lockyer Valley Community Consultative Committee and members of the public on Tuesday night that the level crossing was the preferred option.

"It was always going to be a level crossing, but the existing level crossing is unsafe to traffic, so we have realigned it," he said.

During the consultation period, Mr Mathews said the local community found that an overpass was not desirable and were concerned it would cut off Forest Hill.

He said residents who lived outside the town wanted an overpass because they didn't want to be stopping when driving through Forest Hill.

Mr Mathews said a data analysis revealed the majority of people wanted a level crossing.

"Consultation with the local community found an overpass was not particularly desirable," he said.

At present, trains using the current rail network stretch about 600 metres long, and traffic comes to a standstill for about two to three minutes.

Mr Mathews said the network supports about 22 to 24 trains a day at present, and the target would allow up to 57 trains daily.

Some members of the committee were concerned they would be halted at crossings for a long period of time.

"There's mixed traffic, not all trains will be the 1600m long trains, there will be other trains that are much shorter," Mr Mathews said.

Its expected on opening day, about 30 trains will use the Inland Rail network.

Mr Mathews said sections of the Helidon to Calvert section was in discussion with the Lockyer Valley Regional Council - including the Gaul Street pedestrian crossing in Gatton.

"We are discussing project scope and technical requirements with LVRC where it impacts their roads," he said.

"We have been asked to look at alternatives around Golf Links Drive and Gaul St pedestrian crossing to look at a potential alternative for an overbridge."