Cane harvest.
Cane harvest. Mike Knott

Interactive soil type maps to help productivity

A NEW website can now help farmers, miners and developers identify different soil types across the state at the simple touch of a button.

The Soils Globe website is an interactive user-friendly tool that lets users view and explore maps and up-to-date satellite imagery of Queensland soils as well as download reports and data.

Soils Globe contains data from 90,000 soil sample sites across the state as well as historical information through the Queensland Globe platform that merges open data with digital technology.

Science and Innovation Minister Ian Walker said on Thursday the Soils Globe would save business thousands of dollars in time and resources.

He said soil knowledge had always been important because agriculture and resource sectors were central to the state's economy.

"Being more knowledgeable about soil will help us grow crops best suited to Queensland and sustain more livestock," he said.

"Science is the key to that, as well as innovative ways to make the data we have open and useful to all.

"Previously, to get this information you had to get on to several websites, contact government agencies for reports, or do some of the work yourself, including collecting soil samples, all of which cost money."

Canegrowers chief Brendan Stewart said Soils Globe would be of huge benefit to the state's sugarcane industry.

"It will assist producers get a better understanding of their soil types which will help farm productivity," he said.

"The Soils Globe can be used by farmers to plan efficient irrigation management programs for their properties and to support effective and efficient fertiliser management which leads to reduced run-off and better farm efficiency." 

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