THE reign of the iron's fist has been smashed and to a cat goes the spoils.

Keeping in the spirit of Monopoly - a board game famous for causing rifts in friendships and families - game-maker Hasbro ran a Facebook campaign asking the world to jail its least favourite token or game character.

In a video published on YouTube overnight, it appeared the thimble, barrow, ship, boot, hat, dog and car were all favoured above the appliance, which is now to languish in Monopoly jail forever.

In a second film clip, a metallic cat emerges from a treasure chest and takes its new place on the iconic light-green board.

It was a close race, with the iron, barrow and boot all running at just 8% support in the poll's final hours.

But after deliberations in a "Monopoly Jury Room", the die was cast.

Hasbro are encouraging those with a love for the iron token to buy the game now, before the iron disappears for good.

The iron was first introduced in 1935 as one of the original pieces.