Amanda Friend was voted best personal trainer in the Lockyer Valley or Somerset.
Amanda Friend was voted best personal trainer in the Lockyer Valley or Somerset.

Isolation won’t hold back region’s best personal trainer

WORKING with numbers might not lead many down the path to fitness. But for Amanda Friend, a career in accounting helped her launch a personal training business.

Five years later, ALF Health Fitness and Nutrition is thriving and Gatton Star readers have voted Amanda the region’s best PT.

Of the 582 votes, Amanda claimed 172 – nearly 30 per cent.

So, what makes for a great PT?

Amanda, who specialises in coaching women, said it came down to understanding a client’s needs.

“We have always accommodated so many different types of women and we’ve really made it a priority to create a welcoming, inclusive space without judgment,” Amanda said.

“It doesn’t matter how old someone is, what they look like or what experience they have had – we just try to make it comfortable for everyone.”

Earlier this week, Amanda trained a pregnant woman nearing the end of her third trimester.

“So we’ve been running her a completely different program but still allowing her access to the group.”

Despite the impact of COVID-19 on a lot of industries, Amanda’s clients are still able to participate in training sessions.

“We have gone 100 per cent virtual with what it happening right now,” she said.

Amanda began phasing in virtual workouts before the ban on group fitness was government enforced.

“A lot of our clients were also choosing to isolate and we wanted to play our part in slowing the spread,” she said.

Attendance has stayed mostly the same, the ease of working out at home in a group Skype session proving to be a perk for some.

“People are saying it’s saving them money on the travel and they can go back to doing jobs around the home,” Amanda said.

“It’s fairly stable but we’ve lost a few clients who have lost their own jobs and their finances are up in the air.”

ALF Health Fitness and Nutrition operates in Gatton, Hatton Vale and Kensington Grove.