OPINION: Enough is enough! Labor is betraying us too

IT'S BAD enough that Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and his Treasurer have successfully legislated to rob aged retirees of their pittance to supposedly make all pensioners better off, but to be abetted by the Shorten/AWU rabid right of the ex-Labor Party, is the last straw.

The deafening mumbles of Shadow Treasurer Chris Bowen in condoning detrimental changes to the battlers asset test symbolises federal Labor's slide towards Liberal dogma and the hysterical drive to balance the books starting from the most vulnerable vantage point.

Apprentice Baylee Rigby demonstrates correct grinding technique for senator Chris Katter, Zac Beers and Bill Shorten mp when they visited GAGAL yesterday. Other apprentices watching on are Jarrod Pengelly, Luke Ropmagnolo and Zoe Jackson.
Federal Labor leader Bill Shorten visits Gladstone. Mike Richards GLA021116SHORTEN

Twenty-five years of enterprise bargaining in the workplace taught me that under no circumstances did you surrender previous gains unless the alternative benefited all parties.

The workers cupboard is bare and constant change to legislation has all but neutered the union movement as is evident by the ACTU inaction on most issues these days.

Pensioners will now rely on other sources for future support.

If there was a real Labor opposition with real worker related values and a more than token ACTU ready to fight against the systematic erosion of the Australian way of life, Treasurer Scott Morrison and this gaggle of weak Labor limpets would be in for the fight of their political lives.

Ultimately the retirees' loss will only benefit the parasitical One Nation party come election time.

Don Schmidt, South Gladstone