Jail for repeatedly touching man's penis, assault

TIMOTHY Duff will spend the next week behind bars for touching a man's penis multiple times and assaulting him the next day.

Duff appeared in Roma Magistrates Court on Tuesday for two charges, a common assault charge and an assault occasioning bodily harm charge, committed on January 16 and 17.

Police prosecutor Acting Sergeant Shannon Bryce described the January 16 incident, which involved Duff attempting to touch another man's penis multiple times.

The following day Duff and another man, Jake Towns, assaulted the victim while police were present.

Magistrate Peter Hasted described Duff's behaviour as "disturbingly bizarre" while Duff's lawyer, Patrick Quinn, said his client was affected by alcohol.

Mr Quinn said Duff attacked the victim on January 17 out of fear he was going be hurt, despite the fact police were present.

Magistrate Hasted said Duff's attack was made more serious because of the police officer's presence.

"It's clear from the events that unfolded any form of attack could not be mounted," he said.

He described the acts on both days as troubling, bizarre and disturbing.

For the common assault charge, Duff was sentenced to one month imprisonment and ordered to pay $250 in compensation to the victim.

For the assault occasioning bodily harm charge, he was sentenced to two months imprisonment and ordered to pay $750 in compensation to the victim.

Magistrate Hasted also put into effect a no contact order to ensure Duff cannot speak or attempt to speak to the victim.

Duff will be eligible for parole on March 3.