Jury to decide fate of yachtsman accused of rape

THE fate of a yachtsman who is accused of raping a young woman aboard his vessel in the late 90s while it was moored at a Queensland marina is now in the hands of a jury.

The jury retired to consider its verdict on Wednesday afternoon.

John Collins, 76, pleaded not guilty this week in the Brisbane District Court to sexual assault and rape offences stemming from his interactions with the woman between December 1, 1999 and February 1, 2000.

The court heard Collins had placed an advertisement in a newspaper seeking the services of a young woman, who cannot be identified under Queensland law, to help care for a child while they travelled the high seas.

But according to the Crown it was all a ruse to lure the young woman aboard the yacht.

Collins claims the interactions with the woman were consensual.

Defence barrister Simon Burgess told the jury the evidence pointed towards the encounter being a consensual one.

He said that was evident from the woman's behaviour the following day.

"Her behaviour the following day in staying on the yacht and even cleaning it is bizarre for a person who claims she was raped the night before," he said.

"She even welcomed her best friend aboard the yacht and left her alone in the company of my client.

"When she returned all three of them even had drinks together.

"Would you leave your best friend alone with a man you claim raped you?"