ONLY THREE: Carolyn Becker, Rod Smith and Matthew Tomlinson were the only three people to speak.
ONLY THREE: Carolyn Becker, Rod Smith and Matthew Tomlinson were the only three people to speak. Meg Bolton

Just two candidates show face at event

WHILE eight candidates are vying to represent the electorate of Wright, only three people spoke in the first half of the Lockyer Valley Toastmasters Club election event, and one wasn't even in the running.

Lockyer Valley Toastmasters Club vice-president Carolyn Becker took the place of six absent Wright candidates and read information from their websites.

Katter's Australian Party candidate Matthew Tomlinson and Conservative National Party's Rod Smith were the only two Wright candidates to attend the event, which was meant to give locals one last chance to decide who to vote for.

Mrs Becker wasn't impressed by the lack of candidates at the Lake Apex event.

"I know they're busy but I believe they could've provided me with the information to read,” Mrs Becker said.

Mr Tomlinson was the first candidate to take the stage and spoke about his fears of a two-party race, immigration and the need for more infrastructure for water.

"Water is our biggest issue here the Lockyer Valley and it's critical we fix it,” Mr Tomlinson said.

The Beaudesert stockman said putting farmers first would ensure stronger communities and a stronger nation.

He finished his speech by saying the Katter's Australian Party looked after all Australians, despite earlier claiming if immigrants did not like a barbecue on a Sunday or going to the beach "there's no point of coming here”.

Mr Smith was next to take the stage with claims he was the best representative for the region because of his extensive campaigning and knowledge of the community.

He said he has prioritised assisting people get help through government departments, visiting local businesses and meeting with those who contacted him.

Due to a busy campaign schedule Mr Smith has not yet visited local businesses in the Gatton area.

Queensland senate candidates Lyle Shelton and Joanna Lindgren from the Australian Conservatives party and the Conservative National Party's Paul Taylor also attended the event.