Kelly Landry leaves the Downing Centre Court
Kelly Landry leaves the Downing Centre Court AAP Image / Joel Carrett

Kelly Landry fails in AVO bid against ex Anthony Bell

FORMER TV presenter Kelly Landry has failed in her bid to have a final protection order imposed by the court against her "accountant to the stars" husband Anthony Bell.

The final apprehended violence order was rejected despite the court accepting Ms Landry's version of events about a violent confrontation with her husband - who Magistrate Robert Williams found had been "intimidating" and "controlling" during the fight at their Watsons Bay mansion.

But Mr Williams told a packed Downing Centre Local Court on Thursday afternoon there was no opportunity for further incidents now they were separated and said he didn't agree a final AVO was appropriate or required by Ms Landry for her protection.

The final apprehended violence order (AVO) had been sought by police on behalf of Ms Landry after an interim order was granted in January.

Outside court, Mr Bell said he was "pleased justice has prevailed, I'm very much looking forward to getting on with my life and my children's lives."

He believed it was important "to stand up to this" but he could see why "some partners choose not to".


Anthony Bell speaks to the media as he leaves the Downing Centre Court in Sydney, Thursday, May 18, 2017.
Anthony Bell speaks to the media as he leaves the Downing Centre Court in Sydney, Thursday, May 18, 2017. AAP Image / Joel Carrett

When asked whether he thought it was worth going through the hearing, he said he'd thought about that "a million times".

In delivering his judgment, Mr Williams said there "unhappy differences" in the marriage that had been evident throughout the four-day hearing earlier this month.

Mr Williams said there was an "unnecessary amount of detail" revealed about the private lives of the Sydney glamour couple, but the court was not required to make findings about those and he would "not do so".

Ms Landry accused Mr Bell - a celebrity accountant and champion Sydney to Hobart skipper - of two episodes of violence.

The first at their former Bondi unit in February 2012 and a second at their $12.5 million Watsons Bay mansion in November last year.

Mr Williams said there were inconsistencies in both Ms Landry and Mr Bell's account of the Bondi apartment incident.

He highlighted two different "versions" of the alleged incident Ms Landry told to two different people and said a "lack of conclusive" evidence meant he couldn't be sure of the evidence Ms Landry relied on as part of her case for an AVO.

 Kelly Landry leaves the Downing Centre Court
Kelly Landry leaves the Downing Centre Court

Speaking about the November 2016 incident, Mr Wiliams said the evidence of the two was "clearly different, and there no witnesses".

However, he said there was a number of inconsistencies in Mr Bell's evidence in court and the statement he gave to police.

In particular, there was the complete omission of Ms Landry's phone, which had been a source of tension between the couple in the lead up to the altercation.

The phone recordings of the fight captured on Ms Landry's phone were "disturbing" in that they showed the "emotive and stressed" discussions of a marriage that was clearly "breaking down".

The sound of Ms Landry crying out as her arm hit a wall during the argument - and the noise of their child's head hitting the wall - was "chilling".

"It won't easily be forgotten," he added.

Mr Williams found Ms Landry gave "credible" evidence of the event even though she endured a lengthy cross examination.

The court heard that "on the balance of probabilities" Mr Williams accepted Ms Landry's version of events.

He found Mr Bell's behaviour that night was "intimidating" and "controlling" and believed Ms Landry fled the home at that point because she "feared for her safety" and that of her children.

The high profile case saw claims from 37-year-old Ms Landry that her husband had been financially mean to her, and paid her less than the family's nanny.

She told the court she also felt intimidated and feared associates of Mr Bell's, particularly after the couple split in late December.

Mr Bell strongly denied any wrongdoing.