MUNCH TIME: Xavier, 4, with a slice of his favourite fruit.
MUNCH TIME: Xavier, 4, with a slice of his favourite fruit.

Kindy kids start shopping at school for learning outcomes

EQUIPPED with a shopping list, Laidley’s smallest shoppers are out and about in their town.

The children at Free Range Kids 2 are getting into the world through excursions, which help integrate the youngsters into the community and build relationships.

One of the most recent excursions was to the nearby fruit shop and the bakery, where the children were taken to Laidley Greengrocer and given a shopping list.

Kindergarten Director Tabitha Swingler said the goods the children picked up during their shopping trip were for lunch and afternoon tea.

“The children had a checklist and they checked off which fruits they bought,” Ms Swingler said.

“We talked about the numbers, weights and that sort of thing and they brought the fruit back with them and we cut it up for afternoon tea.”

Heading to the bakery, the children were shown a cupcake decorating demonstration before they bought bread for sandwiches.

Leanne Richardson’s four-year-old son Xavier has been enjoying the excursions, the trip to the fruit shop in particular.

“Xavier just loves these exciting excursions,” Ms Richardson said.

“He said he liked all the melons because they were green and green is his favourite colour – the watermelon is his favourite, though.”

For Ms Richardson, the fruit shop trip let children explore outside the home.

“I love that the children get to see, feel and learn about a wide variety of fruit and vegetables and be exposed to variations not necessarily always available in the family home,” she said.

Ms Swingler said the benefits of the excursions were numerous.

“The idea of the tours was connecting with our community – to get the children involved and connecting on that deeper level with what’s around us and what makes Laidley Laidley,” she said.

“We believe it takes a village to raise a child … It’s a partnership between us, the parents and the community – we all come together to raise children to get them transitioned to school.”