A Laidley South mum-of-six has grown weed in her back yard behind her children’s cubby house. (File image)
A Laidley South mum-of-six has grown weed in her back yard behind her children’s cubby house. (File image)

Laidley mum grew pot behind kids’ cubby house

KRISTIE Payne didn’t want to buy weed anymore, so she attempted to grow it herself.

From four seeds, two germinated, and she planned to harvest them for personal use.

That’s what the 38-year-old told police when they searched her house on April 22, uncovering her two, one metre high plants by the children’s cubby house.

Police also located 46 grams of cannabis in three separate containers in the kitchen cupboards

But it wasn’t the last time police searched the mum-of six’s Laidley South address

Police returned to Payne’s home on August 5, discovering utensils, including a glass bowl, used pipe and electric grinder in her living room.

Almost four weeks later, cops pulled Payne’s car over on Rosewood-Laidley road, where she blew a blood alcohol reading of .144.

Police prosecutor sergeant Al Windsor told the Gatton Magistrates Court that police knew Payne had a disqualified driver’s licence, as she has been previous busted in Laidley on January 14.

She appeared in court with nine charges.

They included three counts of possessing a dangerous drug, two counts of possessing utensils or pipes that had been used and two counts of driving a vehicle without a driver’s licenced disqualified by the court.

She also appeared for driving over the middle alcohol limit and driving without a licence.

She pleaded guilty to all the offences.

Payne’s lawyer told the court that she had struggled with periods of addiction, and had previously completed a probation program.

Her lawyer said Payne worked at the local Hatton Vale tuck shop and was also on the P & C committee at her children’s school.

“Although she has struggled with addiction, she does fulfil her duties of caring for her children,” her lawyer said.

Magistrate Peter Saggers questioned Payne why she had been driving.

“I was only picking my car up,” she said.

Mr Saggers told Payne she was lucky not to get a jail sentence for her last driving offence.

“You’re putting everyone at risk. You’ve got six kids (and) if you put your car into a tree on the Warrego Highway, what happens to your kids?” he said.

“As your kids get older, they’re going to be more aware (of your actions).”

Payne said the drugs were not hers but they were at her house, which is why she took the blame.

“I’ve removed them from my house,” she said.

For all the offences, Payne was given a probation order for two years.

For driving while disqualified on January 14, she was disqualified from driving for two years.

The same, charge from August 31 incurred another two year disqualification.

For Payne’s mid-range drink driving charge, she was disqualified from holding a driver’s licence for 12 months.

A conviction was recorded.