WE'RE OPEN: The Country Doctors Practice and Skin Cancer Clinic team outside of their new clinic on Patrick St
WE'RE OPEN: The Country Doctors Practice and Skin Cancer Clinic team outside of their new clinic on Patrick St Meg Bolton

Laidley's first skin cancer clinic

IT HAS been a month since the Country Doctors Practice GP & Skin Cancer Clinic officially became a permanent fixture on Patrick St, and more services have already being added.

The clinic already has a general practice, a skin cancer clinic, rooms for physios and podiatrists, and soon it will have QML Pathology.

The clinic is run by Dr Michael Ifesanwo, and he said the concept behind the clinic was ensuring community members could source healthcare locally.

"The idea is to make services available in the area and save people the stress of having to travel to Ipswich and Toowoomba to get skin cancer care," Dr Michael said.

The need for the clinic was recognised after Dr Michael worked for many years in the Laidley area.

"When I started here in Laidley in 2011 I realised that I had to refer a lot of people to a skin cancer hospital," he said.

Dr Michael is the only Accredited Skin Cancer Doctor within a 25 kilometre radius from Laidley.

"Having a skin cancer clinic in the area will help reduce people being on the waiting list for a long time for things that could be managed at a community level," Dr Michael said.

"Skin cancer is something that has developed to a high incidence in Australia and more so in Queensland. I think everyone above the age of 40 should have their skin checked once a year."

According to the Cancer Council, approximately two in three Australians will be diagnosed with skin cancer by the time they are 70, a statistic Dr Michael wants to help.

"Our whole idea is to make it easy for people, so they don't have to travel 50km to seek skin care, which can be provided in the local area," he said.

"Any change in a mole at any age should be looked at by someone with experience.

"If it's a new mole or if it's itchy or painful or changing colour or getting bigger, get someone with experience to get an eye on it and check it properly because melanoma has been diagnosed in younger ages."

With two treatment rooms, four consultation rooms, a room for allied health and a room for QML Pathology, Dr Michael hopes to use his 15 years of experience to provide locals with an array of treatment options.

"We are looking at a multi-disciplinary approach to things."