LARRY Emdur has apologised to Wippa after being caught on camera dissing the Nova radio star.

The Morning Show host was the unknowing victim of Fitzy and Wippa's radio segment, Celebrity Screeners, in which they ring celebs [who they're secretly filming at the time] to see if they'll answer their phone calls.

Wippa considers the Channel Seven star a "really good friend" and was adamant that Emdur would answer his call as he sipped a coffee in the city before heading into work to host The Morning Show.

"Larry and I are close and when he sees my name on the screen it'll be, 'Wippa, how are you mate? What's going on?'" Wippa said on air.

But Wippa was wrong.

When the phone rang Emdur looked at the screen and rejected the call and quickly went back to reading his paper.

"Get the phone to Larry Emdur right now?" a heartbroken Wippa told a producer who was hiding near the TV star.

Larry Emdur was busted dodging a phone call from Wippa.
Larry Emdur was busted dodging a phone call from Wippa.


Emdur was understandably confused as the producer rushed up to him at the cafe and handed him a phone, telling him that Fitzy and Wippa were on the other end.

"This is a segment called celebrity screeners and we just watched you pick up your phone, have a look at me calling and put it back down again," Wippa told Emdur. "Laz, I've just told everybody how we're mates!"

Emdur replied: "We are mates but you only ever call when you want me to do stupid stuff and I'm just having a coffee."

A visibly embarrassed Emdur apologised to Wippa and ended the call by saying, "love ya".

Wippa simply replied, "yeah, love ya ... sometimes".