SHOWGIRLS: Jessica Nasmyth (runner up 2019), Paris Granzien, Bianca Wheildon (winner 2019).
SHOWGIRLS: Jessica Nasmyth (runner up 2019), Paris Granzien, Bianca Wheildon (winner 2019). Contributed

Lawyer nabs Miss Show Girl title

FOR as long as she can remember, Bianca Wheildon has attended the Toogoolawah Show with her family.

Though she tried, she was never able to make it around the entire show before running out of time.

Now, the newly-crowned Miss Show Girl is able to spend both show days at the showgrounds and can thoroughly explore the attractions.

"I've never actually gotten around to all the sections of the show as normally my family would attend on the Saturday,” Bianca said.

"But, this year, I had the privilege of attending both days from 7am until 7pm.”

She said growing up in Toogoolawah may have helped impress the judges, spending time outside the area only for her studies.

"I think having a general knowledge of the area helped get me over the line,” she said. "And I think having that interest in the rural background assisted me to win.”

Now a qualified lawyer, Bianca juggles farm life and career.

"We're on a dairy farm out here so I work part-time as a lawyer and part-time on our farm here,” she said.

A friend of Bianca's supported and encouraged her to enter the showgirl contest.

"Also, it was the right time for me,” she said.

"I had been approached since turning 18, numerous times, by a few different people locally just because I was a local rural girl, which is basically what they're looking for.”

Less than two weeks into her duties, Bianca is already enjoying the role.

"The show just finished so I did Friday and Saturday at our local show,” she said.

"I got around to the poultry and the dog section and the prime cattle.

"I didn't even know they had an auction because ordinarily, I'd miss that day.”

With her sight set on nabbing the title at Regionals, Bianca said she was grateful to the show society.

"Without them I wouldn't have had the opportunity.”

Dozens get down to dance

WHEN she returned from touching up her lipstick in the bathroom, Paris Granzien returned to the Toogoolawah Show Ball to find upwards of 30 people had begun to dance.

"They were on the dance floor doing a gypsy tap and we have not seen that at a ball for quite a while,” Ms Granzien said.

"It was just amazing. That was the highlight for me for the night.”

Since being named Miss Show Girl in 2015, Ms Granzien has become more involved in the show ball and has organised the event for the past three years.

More than 170 guests attended, each enjoying a buffet meal and then being treated to a magic show.

Black and gold set the theme of the night, bringing a touch of elegance to the hall.

"We wanted to have it a little more glamorous,” Ms Granzien said.

"It's been a very country style ball and we wanted to take it up a notch. We're trying to build on what we're doing and lift our game every year.”

The Toogoolawah Show Ball took place at the showgrounds pavilion on Saturday, June 1.