‘Lies’: Furious Hanson’s US election rant


One Nation leader Pauline Hanson has laid into US vice presidential hopeful Kamala Harris, accusing her of "telling lies" in the hope people will be fooled.

Ms Hanson is one of a number of Australian politicians and celebrities, including former Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, who are weighing in on the historic election.

On her Pauline Hanson Please Explain page on Facebook, a post was uploaded of an interview between Senator Hanson and Sky News host Paul Murray on his evening show.

That featured an election ad voiced by Democrat Ms Harris which stated that "equitable treatment" means that "everyone ends up at the same place".

In her Facebook post, Ms Hanson derided the ad as "feel-good nonsense" that will "lead us down the path to poverty and pain".

"You simply cannot create a just and fair system where everyone is rewarded the same regardless of effort. It has never worked and it never will.

"Sadly that doesn't seem to stop left-wing politicians the world over from telling the same lies in the hope that people will be fooled."

In contrast, posts from MPs of mainstream Aussie parties have been decidedly quiet on the election.

Senior Labor figures, who you might imagine would be cheering on the Democrats, haven't mentioned it. Perhaps the silence is in case Donald Trump nabs a second term.

Instead, Labor leader Anthony Albanese has posted a picture of him talking to sailors on the HMAS Ararat and praising their sacrifice.

Former leader Bill Shorten tweeted about his Melbourne Cup result.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison is also silent on the US polling day, perhaps cognisant of not angering either side in the predicted close-call election.

In contrast, former PM Malcolm Turnbull has no such qualms now he's left politics and has no pesky summits to go to.

He retweeted a post of a distinctive Trump MAGA (Make America Great Again) hat, but changed to the words "Make Orwell Fiction Again" in reference to British author George Orwell who wrote dystopian classic 1984 about a totalitarian state that continually gaslights its citizens.

Former PM Malcolm Turnbull has tweeted an image of a Make Orwell Fiction Again hat in the style of a Trump MAGA hat.
Former PM Malcolm Turnbull has tweeted an image of a Make Orwell Fiction Again hat in the style of a Trump MAGA hat.


Firebrand backbencher Craig Kelly, from the opposite end of the Liberal's "broad church" to Mr Turnbull also pinned his colours to the mast.

Mr Kelly is an outspoken fan of Mr Trump and his feed continues to be full of posts promoting the US President's favourite coronavirus drug hydroxychloroquine. Those posts have included some from organisations accused of spreading misinformation.


But between the corona posts, some election references do pop up, including one with an image of a Trump rally with the headline: "What a crowd."

Mr Kelly also uploaded a video from a pro-Trump group with the question: "Could Trump flip California?" That's an outcome which no pollster expects to occur given how strong California is historically for the Democrats.


Greens leader Adam Bandt made a sideways reference to the election tweeting: "Zero COVID cases in Vic is a terrific start to this white-knuckle day."

And Channel 7 host David Campbell is feeling nervous, tweeting: "I want this election to be over so badly, you'd think I was at a friend's play."



Originally published as 'Lies': Furious Hanson's US election rant