Pohlmans National Sales Manager Scott Franklin tomatoes were a popular vegetable to grow in the summer time.
Pohlmans National Sales Manager Scott Franklin tomatoes were a popular vegetable to grow in the summer time.

LIST: Five healthy edibles to plant this summer

IT IS important to take the seasons into account when planning out your vegetable patch for the coming months. While some plants will wilt and die in the heat, other plants soak up the rays and grow better than ever in the summer. Here's five plants that love the summer conditions.

1. Tomatoes

Pohlman's national sales manager Scott Franklin says tomatoes are the shop's number one selling vegetable as well as the most rewarding and popular. "There are so many different varieties to choose from - the cherry-type tomatoes, the large beefsteak or sandwich tomatoes and you've got the cooking tomatoes, too, like romas," Mr Franklin said.

"You've got a broad selection with a wide variety of tastes and flavours."

2. Lettuce

While lettuce may prefer shade to full sun, it will thrive in the summer and is perfect to pair with salads.

"There are loose-leaf type lettuces, heading lettuces like the icebergs and the cos-type lettuces," Mr Franklin said.

"There are definitely varieties more tolerant to warmer weather and people love to have it in their summer salads."

He said planting lettuce in the cooler parts of the garden was ideal. "Try to find those sheltered areas that might not get the full western sun," he said.

3. Herbs

Herbs like basil, parsley and chives would grow happily in the summer months.

"Herbs are always a continual favourite and there's always a mix of herbs you can do sporadic plantings of," Mr Franklin said. "They don't take up a lot of space in the garden, either." He said herbs could thrive in understorey planting - planting beneath larger plants which provide some shade - and planting in pots or on the window sill.

4. Chillies, capsicums

According to Mr Franklin, the hotter the weather, the hotter the chilli seems to grow.

"They obviously love the warm and there are so many varieties of chillies out there, too, from the mild to the extremely hot," he said.

"There are so many favourites out there like the jalepeno and the habeneros."

5. Corn

Fast-growing and rewarding, corn is another vegie bound to do well in the heat.

"Corn is a fun one - it's a great plant for kids to watch because it grows so quickly - but it needs a bit more space in the garden," Mr Franklin said.

"And you do need to plant two or three of them to get the pollination happening between them."

As for what to avoid, Mr Franklin advised against trying to grow members of the brassicas family.

"A lot of the broccolis, the cabbages, the kales - they're the types of things which grow better in the cooler season," he said.