‘Load of crap’: Titans fans reactions to skipper’s ‘Shark bite’


Gold Coast Titans fans are divided over the guilt or innocence of captain Kevin Proctor, who became the first player in NRL history to be sent off for biting an opponent on Saturday.

Some are calling for Proctor's head.

Others are protesting that he didn't bite at all.

What do you think?

Janet Rayner: "Well done to the team! A good effort when they were up against a crap call."

Blaze Kippax Ross: "This one hurts. We would've won without that brain snap. Kev clearly lays it all on the line for us, but clearly made a very serious lack in judgment. He deserves a contract extension, but tonight is something he really should be embarrassed about."

Harley McDonnell: "There was no way that was a bite. The only reason it even got called back was because Titans were going to beat them."

Jackie Hawkins: "Hard to say. Hard to breathe with your nose and mouth covered with an arm. Johnson said nothing in it???"

Jake Heading: "Load of crap never a bite"

Robyn Tee: "Wonder if we will get to see the bite mark????"

Ethan Spencer: "Kevin Proctor owes his teammates, members and fans an apology. Titans were on the attack, had a full set and had a bit of momentum before his complete stupidity. He's really cost his team."

Mandy Savage: "He didn't at any stage move his jaw or close his teeth together he is innocent. And clearly very upset."

Jake Epworth: "As a Titans supporter I'm actually embarrassed by Kevin Poctor (sic). I'd kick him off the team !!"

Noel Schwarz: "Brain explosion and out of character but not a good look for him or the club."

Christine Russell: "I have watched it several times and Proctor never even look to close his mouth. Having an arm shoved in you face and nose you have to open your mouth."

Bailey Slade: "If he bit him why didn't Johnson pull his arm away"

Laura Gregson: "He didn't bite him his jaw didn't move just unfortunately his arm was in his mouth watch the interview with Shaun Johnson, I don't believe that was an intentional just unfortunate and Shaun playing on the incident and now the media will blow it up to make it 100x worse than what it was."



Ryan Darlington: "How can people defend him? Titans supporter since 07 I love Proctor but f--- me that was bad. Threw the game, threw his season and maybe threw a contract extension. Embarrassing."

Originally published as 'Load of crap': Titans fans reactions to skipper's 'Shark bite'