A man who drove unlicensed has copped a fine but dodged another driving disqualification.
A man who drove unlicensed has copped a fine but dodged another driving disqualification.

Lockyer business owner’s self-imposed driving ban backfires

AFTER his court-ordered driving ban ended, a Lockyer Valley business owner decided he would not apply for a license until after he trusted himself to drive.

Though it may sound an admirable outlook, it did not stop Benjamin Quade from getting into the driver seat – unlicensed – on July 4.

Gatton Magistrates Court heard Quade was pulled over while driving on Flagstone Creek Road, Flagstone Creek, at 2.55pm.

Police prosecutor Sergeant Alister Windsor said the roofer had been disqualified from holding or obtaining a drivers license from December 2, 2019.

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The disqualification expired four months later.

“He has not renewed (the license) after the disqualification period,” Sgt Windsor said.

“He stated quite frankly that he knew his license had been disqualified and that he had certain medical incidents during the period … And he hadn’t otherwise gotten around to getting his license reinstated.”

Quade told Magistrate Kay Ryan that he had lost his license previously but had made a lot of changes in himself during the past year.

“One of my main reasons for not getting my drivers license back was I wanted to be more comfortable with myself driving,” he said.

“I had lost my license that many times – I wanted to be able to trust myself before I got my license back.”

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The court heard Quade still had not applied to have his license reinstated.

Ms Ryan noted Quade’s traffic history.

“I see what you mean … You’ve lost it a few times but I’ve seen worse – there is always worse,” Ms Ryan said.

“You’ve got to make sure you do the right thing – you can’t drive without the proper license.”

She fined Quade $300 and recorded a conviction but did impose a further driving ban.

“I’m not going to disqualify you from driving today,” she said.

“If you want to drive, you are able to go and get your license reissued.”

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