Long wait to get nod for tradies’ scheme a concern

THE mammoth uptake on the NT Government's Home Improvement scheme may well leave residents waiting longer than they thought for access to the scheme.

The NT Government says it will progressively assess and approve applications over the next six months.

Applicants were previously being advised their application may take up to 15 business days to assess.

Concerns have been raised about Chief Minister Michael Gunner's comment that scheme applications will be "assessed and approved in stages" to ensure the scheme lasts for a year.

Master Builders NT chief executive officer David Malone says clarity was needed about the rollout in stages.

"Everyone would agree that it is great what the NT Government has done," he said.

"It's had a bumper response from homeowners who want to fix up things now.

"If we think back to why this scheme came into place, it was very much to fill this current window when we thought the economy would be taking its biggest hit, which is why six months was picked in the first place.

"Tradies aren't doing quotes in thinking it is for work in November or December.

"We need clarification of the process for the tradies and residents knowing if the work is going to happen or not, and if it is going to take a long time."

The NT Government said once an application is approved, works can be done within six months.

Originally published as Long wait to get nod for tradies' scheme a concern