Teacher Christine Taylor, and Principal Janelle Anderson at the Faith Lutheran College 20th Anniversary Ball.
Teacher Christine Taylor, and Principal Janelle Anderson at the Faith Lutheran College 20th Anniversary Ball.

Looking Back: Faith Lutheran College Plainland

IT HAS been twenty long years since Faith Lutheran College at Plainland first opened its doors, and much of 2019 has been spent acknowledging this milestone, and the legacy that comes with it.

“It’s been a great celebration for the college, looking back on the last twenty years. I think we’ve had a bigger year than most years, but one that we’ve all been really rewarded in,” principal Janelle Anderson said.

“We’ve had the opening of the new anniversary gardens, we had a special event with Lutheran Longest Lunch in Laidley for a reflection on our history, to remember the forty who started there in 1999. We’ve just had the big anniversary ball on Saturday night.”

The school has maintained its record for academic, cultural, and sporting excellence, with a slew of successes in a range of events and fields.

“Having our musical this year, and our involvement in the Greater Brisbane Conference sport, we’ve been really successful,” Mrs Anderson said.

“The students have really excelled in a broad range of things. Good academic results, and a huge number of VET certificates for the students as well.”

Construction works are underway on the latest of Faith’s many planned construction projects, a new hall complex expected to be completed next year.

“The hall is going to be something we’re all looking forward to. This last term, watching it all come together like a big Meccano set has been pretty exciting,” Mrs Anderson said.

“I think the roofing goes on this week, so they’re suggesting it’ll be ready for Term 2 next year.”

Faith’s twentieth year is a poignant one for another reason, as it marks Mrs Anderson’s final year as principal of the school.

“We have a new principal arriving next year, I’m concluding my role here after thirteen years, so it’s been a big end of year, lots of celebrations and farewells, which has been lovely,” she said.

“I’d like the wider community to know how blessed I think Faith has been, being part of the community. People have always supported us, and have contributed in different ways. We really wouldn’t be where we are without that community support.”

She expressed her gratitude for the community’s ongoing involvement in the college, and said she hoped the school would be able to sustain that healthy relationship with the community.

“Particularly and personally, I know how many people have supported me,” she said.

“My life has been enriched by having that support, not just as a principal, but as someone who lives locally, and has grown up in the Valley.”