MOTIONS: Jim McDonald (left) discusses Inland Rail issues with citizens earlier this year.
MOTIONS: Jim McDonald (left) discusses Inland Rail issues with citizens earlier this year. ALI KUCHEL

Maiden term produces positive results for region

PROPOSED water allocations could "kill the valley", according to Member for Lockyer Jim McDonald.

He was devastated when the Department of Natural Resources and Mines delivered the allocations to farmers in the central Lockyer catchment earlier in November.

"It was completely wrong for any government department to put out policy positions based on flawed data," Mr McDonald said.

"We have got to fight it with everything we have.

"I look forward to standing beside them, fighting every step of the way to make sure we get the best outcome."

His first year as an MP has been an enjoyable experience for Mr McDonald, who transitioned from a role as police officer in charge to one in politics.

Each week he sees between 15 and 60 constituents and said he has been able to help almost everyone.

"We have been working to improve the quality of life for people in our rural communities," Mr McDonald said.

Recently, Mr McDonald developed a survey with the help of students from the Queensland University of Technology to investigate public transport issues in the Somerset region.

The survey produced a list of recommendations, a list Mr McDonald wants to act on in the near future.

"It's amazing how many people who responded are elderly, vulnerable people," Mr McDonald said.

"I want to explore the opportunities and recommendations not just for the Brisbane Valley, but also into the Lockyer."

In 2018, Mr McDonald assisted 39 community groups to receive a share of $1.5million in State Government funding.

Additionally, $500,000 for a ladies sports grant went to Cahill Park.

In the lower Somerset region, funding and safety upgrades have been put in place along the Brisbane Valley Highway as well as $2.2m upgrades for Forest Hill-Fernvale Rd.