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Man accused of trying to run partner's ex over blames dark

A MAN has denied trying to run his partner's ex over with his car, claiming a fault in his break pedal caused him to spin out and smash into the other man's vehicle.

Cheynne Troy Svensen, 31, applied for bail in Bundaberg Magistrates Court this week after he was charged with a number of serious offences including wilful damage.

Police will allege Mr Svensen also went to a place armed (so as to cause fear) and operated a vehicle dangerously, committing a further offence by driving on a court-suspended licence.

The court heard the alleged offences were committed barely six weeks after he received a prison sentence wholly suspended for nine months.

Defence lawyer Mary Buchanan said there was a high degree of animosity between her client and his partner's ex, who, he claimed, had been sending text messages threatening to kill him in the days before the charges were laid.

According to Mr Svensen, one of the complainant's messages threatened to "Kick (Mr Svensen's) teeth down (his) throat".

Ms Buchanan said her client had also witnessed the ex doing burnouts outside his Thabeban house on multiple occasions.

"On the night the incident occurred he said he'd had enough and decided to go over there," Ms Buchanan said.

"He punctured the complainant's tires."

She said Mr Svensen acknowledged that he had driven to the address on a suspended licence and had wilfully damaged the ex's car, but denied what the objection to bail affidavit alleged happened next.

"He denies trying to run him over. He said he had his lights off and didn't see him," Ms Buchanan said.

"He said the complainant swung a baseball bat at (his car) and he flinched.

"(He then) broke some component of his brake pedal, which caused him to spin out and hit the complainant's car."

She said the man rushed at Mr Svensen, who got out of his car and a fight ensued.

"He then tried to leave. There was a phone on the ground that he thought was his, so he got a lighter out, because it was dark," Ms Buchanan said.

It will be alleged the lighter Mr Svensen referred to in his statement to police was a small pocket knife.

However, Ms Buchanan said her client claimed the knife, which was used to slash the tires, was back inside his car by that point.

"He took off ... And then found it wasn't his phone but the complainant's," she said.

Ms Buchanan said her client felt bad for taking the phone and asked his partner to take the device back to her ex.

Magistrate Belinda Merrin said Mr Svensen's history involved serious offences for which he had previously been imprisoned for.

"There is an allegation that an actual knife was produced," Ms Merrin said.

"The version of events set out in the objection to bail affidavit is inconsistent with the defendant's version of events.

"It does seem those matters may well be clarified upon a brief of evidence being obtained."

Ms Merrin said she was concerned Mr Svensen would not comply with court orders if released on bail and that he posed an unacceptable risk of committing further offences.

Mr Svensen was denied bail and remanded in custody.

He will appear in court via videolink on July 19.