Man blasts neighbours with Celine Dion, has stereo seized

A BRITISH man had thousands of pounds worth of equipment seized after he repeatedly played Celine Dion's 'My Heart Will Go On'.

BBC reports that Gareth Davies breached 6 noise abatement notices and, according to Medway Council, "made his neighbours' lives a misery".

The complaints included the continual high-level playing of Celine Dion, James Brown, and the theme from Toy Story.

Medway Council's portfolio holder for community safety, Peter Hicks, told the BBC that "It only takes one complaint, as in this case, and we will act.

"People have the right to lead a peaceful existence without it being ruined by loud music.

"We won't tolerate this sort of behaviour and anyone who blasts out music or creates other noise nuisance should let this be a warning to them."

Mr Davies has responded to the seizure with claims that he's the target of 'a witch hunt'

He will be able to apply for the return of his equipment after 28 days.