FINED $2000: A man received a hefty fine for damage to a police station.
FINED $2000: A man received a hefty fine for damage to a police station.

Man pays $1000+ for damaging police station

A SIMPLE drink driving charge has escalated to cost a mechanic more than $2000 in fines and restitution, following his decision not to co-operate with police.

Police Prosecutor Al Windsor recounted the increasingly complicated course of events leading up to the four charges levelled against 29-year-old John Reay.

After a standard roadside breath test, where he returned a reading of .109, he was taken to the Laidley Police Station for a further test.

“He began to behave in what was an erratic fashion. He became very angry whilst inside the police station and officers had to intervene with him,” Sgt Windsor said.

“He was given a direction to provide a further specimen of breath, and he has refused to comply.”

Sgt Windsor said Reay eventually calmed down after being placed in a cell.

“He stated he hadn’t consumed any illicit substances or prescription medications, and offered no medical reasons why he be acting in such a fashion,” Sgt Windsor said.

“His behaviour was inconsistent with his claims he hadn’t taken any medication.”

Reay was subjected to a pat-down search and it was at this point the situation escalated considerably.

“At this point he was stripped all of his clothes off, and has hit two plaster walls within the charge room at the Laidley Police Station, causing damage to those walls,” Sgt Windsor said.

“He has headbutted and elbowed further walls. Again, this is somewhat incongruous with his roadside reading and the claim he hadn’t taken any substances.”

He was promptly informed he was under arrest, but resisted efforts to be handcuffed, a decision which accrued a further charge of obstructing a police officer in their duties.

Reay’s defence argued he was in a depressed state of mind due to the recent forclosure of the mortgage on his home.

He has since consulted with a doctor and been placed on new medication, with the GP also asserting Reay may have suffered ‘something in the nature of a panic attack’ during his time at the police station.

Reay pleaded guilty to all of the charges.

His licence was disqualified for 12 months, he was ordered to pay a fine of $1000 and restitution to police of $1390.

A conviction was not recorded.