ARREST: Man charged with two counts of serious assault of police .
ARREST: Man charged with two counts of serious assault of police . Trevor Veale

Man 'points fake rifle at drivers, police' on road

POLICE were forced to draw their weapons when a man who was allegedly pointing what appeared to be a real rifle refused to drop the object on Taggart Rd at The Summit.

The man was allegedly lying on the road and pointing the rifle, which was later determined to be fake, at passing traffic when a member of the public reported him to police.

Stanthorpe Senior Sergeant Gerard Brady said two officers arrived at the scene yesterday afternoon within minutes of receiving the call out.

On arrival they reportedly told the man to put down his weapon but then he allegedly started behaving erratically and pointing the object at police.

"Police have then drawn their firearms and directed him to drop the object, he then complied with that and was arrested," Sen-Sgt Brady said.

The policeman said the incident was dealt with quickly and the road was not shut down.

The 38-year-old Southern Downs man was charged with two counts of serious assault of police, breaching a domestic violence order and wilful damage of police property.

The wilful damage charge was laid after the man allegedly spat in the rear of the police car.

Sen-Sgt Brady said alcohol and drugs were not believed to be a factor in the incident.

The man had his matter adjourned at Warwick Magistrates Court yesterday and was remanded in custody until July 24.

Sen-Sgt Brady issued a warning to the public about the consequences of brandishing objects that appeared to be weapons, even if they were fake.

"If you're acting in a menacing manner with a weapon or replica then you can be charged," he said.