'It was crazy': Bloodied n cop in street after man shot


A policewoman has opened fire on a man after her partner was stabbed in the face during a domestic violence call-out in Brisbane's south.

It is understood the two officers attended an address at Hillgrove St, Mt Gravatt East, about 5pm to serve domestic violence paperwork when they were allegedly confronted by a man wielding a knife.

The male officer was slashed in the face, just under his eye, before his partner fired her weapon several times.



Multiple police and ambulance crews raced to the scene, with an ambulance spokesperson saying two people were taken to hospital.

Neighbour Victoria Frick, 26, said she was "shaken" after witnessing a policeman with a stab wound and "blood all over his face".

"I was just in my studio and then heard some bangs and I didn't know what they were," she said.

"Then I heard some lady screaming so I rushed outside to see what was going on. I saw a cop, running down the street with blood all over his face, it was a bit scary to see that.

"I thought it was fireworks or something but then it sounded more serious when I heard a woman's voice sort of panicked."

Ms Frick said she saw the man who had been shot was sitting on the grass.

"There was a female officer holding a gun that was telling him to stay down ... he was doing that, they were asking him to throw the knife away."

She said she heard two gunshots and could see the man laying on his back at the end before an ambulance arrived.

"Then there was just a rush of cop cars, it was crazy, police everywhere," Ms Frick said.

Another neighbour ran over to assist the wounded policeman.

"(the neighbour) was amazing, he went over with towels to go and help the police officer who had been stabbed in the face," Ms Frick said.

The alleged knifeman was understood to be in a critical condition.

A crime scene has been declared.

Hillgrove St (and surrounds) are blocked off at Broadwater Rd in Mt Gravatt East.

Photos from residents show the street locked down by police, with more than 12 police vehicles in attendance.








Originally published as Man shot after cop stabbed in face