Man steals woman’s bank card, Pay Waves himself drinks

A MAN from New Caledonia in Australia on a working holiday visa ran out of money, so he stole a woman's phone from a table in a bar and used her bank card to buy himself drinks.

He then tried to return the phone to her, but she realised her bank card was still missing.

It was in his pocket and when police arrived to investigate, he panicked and threw it on the floor, a court has heard.

Vladimir Erwan Robbe, 18, pleaded guilty at Brisbane Magistrates Court today to two counts of stealing, one count of unlawfully obtaining alcohol and one count of possessing a knife.

On February 20, Mr Robbe was at a bar in Fortitude Valley, Brisbane, when he saw a woman's phone sitting on a table, the court heard.

The woman's driver's licence and bank card were in her phone case.

The court heard Mr Robbe went up to the bar to buy a drink and used the woman's bank card to purchase two drinks, worth about a total $17, using pay wave.

He then tried to return the woman's phone to her but she noticed her bank card was still missing.

CCTV footage showed that he had used it.

In another incident, on February 12, Mr Robbe also tried stealing clothes and watches from a store in Brisbane's Queen St Mall, worth about $311 in total. He was also caught in possession of a knife.

Mr Robbe's defence lawyer said her client had run out of money when he committed these offences but that he now had a job working at a factory.

Mr Robbe was fined $400 and no conviction was recorded.